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Online Jobs In Lahore Pakistan (20200907-cb8a)
10 Oct 2020

Online Ad Posting jobs in Lahore Pakistan Simple Add Posting data entry jobs at home you can earn upto 500$ per month simple sitting at home no experi..

Laser Marking Machine
31 Aug 2020

Laser Marking Machine Laser Cooding Machine is used for a permanent marking in the form of plain text, codes or shapes. In laser marking process, lase..

PPR Pipe Fitting Mould
31 Aug 2020

PPR Pipe Fitting Mould PPR pipe fitting is specially for water supplying piping system, the connection of the fitting with the pipe has 3 different types. 1. gluing type. 2. welding type.

Baby Use Mould
31 Aug 2020

Baby Use Mould Baby use mould, such as baby chair, baby tray mould, plastic baby basin mould. All Plastic baby toy mould also covers plastic cubic mou..

Plastic Storage Box Mould
31 Aug 2020

Plastic Storage Box Mould Various of plastic box mould, the transparent PP box mould for food or other storage mould. Such as clip on box, lunch box, ..

Gas-assisted Chair Mould
31 Aug 2020

Gas-assisted Chair Mould HI TECH is advanced in making high quality chair molds and especially high technology Gas-assisted chair mould, PC chair moul..

Beach Chair Mould
31 Aug 2020

Beach Chair Mould Hi Tech use large CNC milling center for making the beach chair mould milling,deep hole drilling for the long size of plastic moldin..

Arm Chair Mould
31 Aug 2020

Arm Chair Mould Hi Tech is manufacturing over then 80 sets of chair moulds every year. Hi Tech offer various cost saving solutions for chair mould and..

Plastic Drawer Mould
31 Aug 2020

Plastic Drawer Mould Plastic drawers designed in various types, colorful and different components of the plastic drawer mould. plastic drawer mould, d..

Daily Use Garbage Bin Mould
31 Aug 2020

Daily Use Garbage Bin Mould Hi Tech has made plenty of garbage bin mould for home application,the garbage bin mould fuction. We have padel bin design ..

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